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by JMF on April 13, 2012

I wanted any readers out there who are either (1) contemplating or (2) starting a law firm that Minnesota Lawyers Mutual (MLM) now has a blog and roadmap for lawyers who are looking to go out on their own.

This helpful tidbit of information was reported by Andrea Hable at the Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA) Practice Blawg.  The MSBA – like any state bar association – is a wonderful resource for solo and small firm lawyers.  Furthermore, I belong to the Indiana State Bar Association (where I am also licensed) and I can say that the MSBA provides much more in terms of its membership bang-for-the-buck.  The amount of materials, forms, etc have exceeded my expectations.  Also, the membership fees are very reasonable for new bar admitees.

The Minnesota Lawyers Mutual blog is also well done and covers a lot of good ground.  Check it out.  Topics include important things like:

  • Ethics
  • Trust accounting
  • Law Office technology
  • Billing clients
  • Collecting fees

The blog is new and it appears to be directed more towards signing up new lawyers for MLM’s malpractice insurance, but it is helpful nonetheless.

I attended a CLE last fall put on by the Minnesota Solo and Small Firm section.  MLM was there handing out goodies and the like.  For those who don’t know, MLM appears to be the big-boy when it comes to attorney malpractice insurance in the state of Minnesota.  MLM does a good job marketing themselves and their materials have substance.  I don’t have a problem doing business with an organization who sells a good product and who tries to help with quality materials.

If you haven’t gone to starting and building a law practice CLE in Minnesota (or any state for that matter) I highly recommend you do so.  The presenters and materials are excellent  and the networking possibilities are even better.

Have a great weekend!


-This post was written by Joseph M. Flanders, an Apple Valley, MN attorney.

  • Angie Hoppe

    Hi there! I am the author and editor of the MLM Roadmap Blog which you reference. While we are certainly in the business of selling malpractice insurance, these resources area also aimed at getting helpful and quality information out to the legal community. My hope is to be a resource for solo, small firm and new attorneys. I hope to be responsive to the questions and needs of lawyers and always welcome being contacted!

    • Angie,

      I’m glad to provide my readers with any information that is helpful to solo and small firms. Thanks for the comment and I look forward to your good work.

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